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Mohan Aryal 

Managing Director

mohanMohan Aryal is currently the Managing Director of FOREST HIDEAWAY HOTEL COTTAGE established in 1994 at the edge of “Bardia National Park” of far west Nepal. He fetched decent training in “Chitwan National Park” and “King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation” relating to modern wildlife before being declared a Senior Naturalist. He had been a jungle excursion operator since 1986. Having gained profound experience around the national parks of South-East Asia he helps you to quench your thirst for flora and fauna. He started working as a naturalist in “Chitwan National Park” and in event extended his jungle tour to “BardiaNational Park” and other national parks in Nepal and India.  He at first visited “ Bardia National Park” in 1989 simply as a tour guide.  The untouched wilderness of “Bardia National Park” fascinated him so much that he was under charm of Bardia’s beauty to start his own small tourist cottage in 1994. Ever since he has been serving nature lovers as a guide, manager and above all as a friend.


I spent – “sadly too short-2 nights in bardia, and the management, guides and other members of staff were professional, well informed and extremely helpful. Thoroughly recommended”

Shafik Meghji -(Rough Guides)



Thank you Mohan, Santa, Santosh, Santi and the rest of staff. Our short stay was made memorable by the beauty of this space and the hospitality of all of you. We will definitely recommend your cottages to anyone travelling in the area.


Mareily and Lorrie, Seattle,WA, USA


Thank you all for an awesome time and helping us to appreciate this aspect (the terai ) after our Himalaya trek (Everest region) for three and half weeks. Our guide Gautam was fantastic. Our last day was made memorable when we got very close to a mother Rhino and her baby. The hospitality shown by Mohan & staff was superb and we shall be sure to tell our friends acquaintances what a fabulous time we had at Forest Hideaway. Again, thank you for an exciting end to our nepali adventure.

Best Wishes

Salli. Bruce, Australia


Hemanta Maharjan

SEO Analyst & Online Marketer

safari holidays in bardiaHemanta Maharjan is a Digital Marketing Strategist specializing in content strategy, organic search strategy, social media strategy,pay per click and conversion tracking. Currently works as an SEO analyst and online marketer for couples of companies and SEO consultant for couples of agencies. He has his experince in differents industries [travel/software/online shopping and other industries etc] to add a qualitative and quantitative touch to marketing campaigns at a tactical and strategic level.

He is engineering graduate in Information Technology and believes working for both the users and robots for the success in any online business with proper tracking metrics, followed by optimization of strategies as per data, performance and conversions.





Explore the community forest, river habitats and open water areas to see the wide range of varieties of birds. Bird watching is best done on foot for the least disturbance, but you can take a jeep safari or drift down the Karnali River for sightings of the many river birds. Our well-trained guides can help identify the different varieties of resident and migratory birds encountered.


This essentially dances performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Forest Hideaway. You will see the colorful dances with traditional costumes and music.


These are aimed at particular habitats or types of wildlife. For example, a popular choice is a Black Buck Antelope Tour or a prolonged three-day deep jungle trek. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details or information on what you want to do.


An early morning 30 km drive by jeep will drop you by the Karnali River. This is followed by a serene day rafting down the gentle Karnali. Drifting down the river allows you to spot wildlife, especially the endangered freshwater Gangetic dolphin, the gharial crocodile, exotic birds and big game on the nearby river banks. Swimming is also possible and sometimes the dolphins may join you!


Nepal is not only known for trekking in snow-capped Himalayas but also an exquisite Jungle Safari through the pristine National parks. The geography of Nepal is such that the northern side has Himalaya’s whereas the southern lowland commonly known as Terai is densely vegetated with tropical forests providing habitat to diverse variety of wildlife, flora and different native as well as migratory birds.