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Bardia and Safari Holidays

This year I had my most amazing jungle safari in Nepal going around Bardia National Park as a part of market research, feasibility study and safari holidays. The Safari Holidays in Bardia National Park situated 585 km south-west of Kathmandu occupies an area of 968 sq km which is the biggest National park in the plain area of Nepal that bestowed a breathtaking experience ever.

Bardia jungle safari offered a wide array of wildlife including many endangered species; 8 types of floras and faunas ranging from flood plains to thick jungle. Also, this can be the best place to spot wild elephants, civets, goral swamp deer, langurs, chital, leopard, wild boar, royal tiger; glimpse on freshwater, dolphins, black buck antelopes other rare animals; and different species of birds including 4 species of egrets, 4 different species of Kingfisher, Storks etc.

Also, exploring around the jungle by riding elephant’s back, I not just had a superb chance to take wonderful photographs of the animals, birds and the natural beauty but also got a wonderful opportunity to enter into the deep jungle and see high grassland. Also, walking with the company of trained naturalists is one of the excellent options that took to the major regions of the park. Optionally, we can also take a four wheel jeep drive to reach at the heart of the park to perceive some of the rare species of animals and birds and witness the fantastic natural exquisiteness.

Likewise, another entertaining part of Bardia was Tharu Dance performed by the local Tharus by means of stick along with the drum beats. I couldn’t stop myself from joining the dance group because of the excitement created by the beats and musical actions of the dancers. Also visiting the crocodile breeding center and Tharu Museum would be really significant.

Not to miss, rafting nearby Bardia in Karnali River is one of the best experience too. Riding against a tide of longest and largest river of Nepal is an ultimate fun and worthwhile rafting for 6-7 hours of rafting for 18-20km.

This unique experience of jungle safari in Bardia enthralled me and left me with one of the most memorable experiences.

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These are aimed at particular habitats or types of wildlife. For example, a popular choice is a Black Buck Antelope Tour or a prolonged three-day deep jungle trek. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details or information on what you want to do.


The Karnali River is one of the longest Himalayan river of mid-west Nepal famous for fishing game. A good habitat of great fish like the mahseer, you can go fishing with good fishing equipment. The best time for fishing is generally October to April.


This essentially dances performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Forest Hideaway. You will see the colorful dances with traditional costumes and music.


Local bikes are available for you to explore the local village, with or without a guide.


This year I had my most amazing jungle safari in Nepal going around Bardia National Park as a part of market research, feasibility study and safari holidays.