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Bardia Travel Infos

How to get Bardia and away

By Bus: Bardia National Park can be reached by direct bus departing every afternoon from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Buses reaches Ambassa, the turn off the park at around 3 to 6am and our hotel is just 13km from the last point of bus.  Hence, pre informed to us of your arrival is important so that we can arrange a transportation to the hotel.

By Flight: Flights are available daily from Kathmandu to Nepalganj where one can reach to Nepalganj airport in an hour. However jeep transfer from airpor t to hotel is around 2.5 hours exploring the natural beauty and tharu lifestyle on the way.

By Driving: Driving from Kathmandu to Pokhara by your own vehicle or hired vehicle takes approximately around 14 hours and enables you to enjoy the daytime scenery.


You can also get to the Forest Hideaway from India via Mahendranagar on the western Nepal-India border. Mahendranagar is twelve hours from Delhi and an additional 3 hours to the Forest Hideaway, by road, is required.

Our GPS Location

North 28 Degree 27′ 46.2 ”

East 81 Degree 14′ 51.2?

From Fishing Spot (Babai River)

North 2

80 Degree 25′ 32.4 ”

East 81 Degree 23′ 45.7 “


When To Come in Bardia?

The best time to visit Forest Hideaway is between October and June. Advanced booking is advised for November and December.


What to Bring in Bardia?

To help you obtain the most from your visit, we suggest you to bring walking shoes, rubber sandles, modest swim wear, sun hat, sun lotion, insect repellent, personal mediciens, torch, binoculars, camers, video camera and extra batteries.

Bardia Climate and Weather

As every travelers wish to know in advance regarding the climate condition so as to plan and organize their future trip in Bardia, Below is the tabulated format of Maximum and Minimum temparate in corresponding month.

MIN(C) 08 09 13 19 22 25 26 26 24 20 14 10
MAX(C) 26 28 35 37 37 37 35 35 34 33 31 36

Money Matters

Payment is only acceptable in local currencies, dollars/euros/pound and in cash. Credit card, personal bank cheque and any form of travel cheque is not accepted at the hotel.


This essentially dances performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Forest Hideaway. You will see the colorful dances with traditional costumes and music.


An early morning 30 km drive by jeep will drop you by the Karnali River. This is followed by a serene day rafting down the gentle Karnali. Drifting down the river allows you to spot wildlife, especially the endangered freshwater Gangetic dolphin, the gharial crocodile, exotic birds and big game on the nearby river banks. Swimming is also possible and sometimes the dolphins may join you!


Bardia National Park provides a number of well looked after domestic elephants. These fearless, majestic animals provide the safest and easiest way to move around inside the park. Walking through tall grasslands and dense jungle, you’ll sight wildlife safely from the back of the elephant.


This is the fastest way to explore the park, allowing you to journey deep into the jungle. You visit some of the best viewing towers and you go off-road in a four-wheel drive vehicle for an unforgettable safari experience.


Nepal is not only known for trekking in snow-capped Himalayas but also an exquisite Jungle Safari through the pristine National parks. The geography of Nepal is such that the northern side has Himalaya’s whereas the southern lowland commonly known as Terai is densely vegetated with tropical forests providing habitat to diverse variety of wildlife, flora and different native as well as migratory birds.