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8th march, 2014

Few words but a whole bunch of gratefulness!

Desbie ramsay

5th march, 2014

I really like the name of your lodge and even better- you have treated us well! Beautiful surroundings, nice lodge and the best guides we can think of. You have showed us rhinos, tigers and all with good humor and kindness! Thank you!

Alice + Nick

5th march, 2014

Super place, perfect park, super guides and learning about taking the time to wait for tigers and all other animals and lots of interesting birds! Big Thank You!

Charles from Sweden

5th march, 2014

Fantastic tiger experience and a big thanks to the guide for taking me to the right place at the right time! Appreciated the welcoming and great service by the staff.

Diane (Northern Ireland)

28th February, 2014

I cant believe I have to check out today. Really don’t want to leave. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. I felt like part of the family, not a guest.  I had amazing two days in jungle. I’m definitely going to do it more. You have made me addicted to seeing the tiger. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcomed. Most relaxing part of Nepal-Wish I could stay longer.

Neelie and Simon (France)

14th February, 2014

Lovely stay here. We leave relaxed as we loved your calm and peaceful lodge. The jungle walk was brilliant even though we did not see any tigers! Thank you for welcoming us.

Emily, Uk

24th January, 2014

Thank you so much for a wonderful two days here! A beautiful place with lovely people, fantastic food + great service. We didn’t see any tigers but we still had a great time in the jungle! All thanks to our brilliant guide. Our visit to the elephant breeding centre was amazing!

Thank you!

Rosie from Australia

24th January, 2014

A BIG thank you for all your help and friendly and helpful service! AMAZING banana fritters and macaroni, after rice for breakfast and dinner at other places. It really hit the spot!! Smashing!!


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